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  • Thoothukudi Main Road, Ariyakulam, Tirunelveli - 627351
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Course Details
Bachelor of Physiotherapy(B.P.T)
Duration: 4years 6months.
Intake: 50

During the duration of the course, 4years are attributed to classroom teaching, supervised laboratory, and clinical training in a hospital setup. Remaining 6months are for a mandatory internship.

This is in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.


  • Male and Female candidates are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates should have passed HSC or equivalent examination in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with a 35% mark in each subject.
  • Vocational stream students are not eligible for admission.
  • Should have completed 17years of age at the time of admission.


  • Start your own Physiotherapy Clinic.
  • Get attached to different hospitals.
  • Be an important team member of the rehabilitation team in treating neurology patients, orthopedic patients, patients suffering from cardio-respiratory disorders, sports injuries, and in promoting regular fitness program.
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in specialties like Neurology, Orthopaedics, Cardio-respiratory conditions, Community based rehabilitation, etc.


Devendrar College of Physiotherapy

Hostel Facilities

The hostel facility at Devendrar College of Physiotherapy is a real home away from home. These principles form the anchor that guides us all every day. Some of these principles are:

Students are cared for as though they are living in the Master’s home, and as if they are Master’s children.
No effort is spared to ensure that they are brought up with the highest spiritual principles.
They are always treated with kindness and love but firmly in matters relating to behaviour and discipline.
There is adequate time for work and play and entertainment.

If and when they require, there is also additional teaching available within the hostel.

Devendrar College of Physiotherapy

Sports Facilities

Our college focuses on the holistic development of students. As a sequel to this, equal emphasis is laid on sports and games along with academics. Students are encouraged to participate and excel in sports in order to provide relaxation, channelize their energy, nurture competitive spirit, enhance team spirit and achieve leadership qualities.

Sports and games are an area much-sought-after by the student community of this college. Playground and equipment for outdoor & indoor games facilities are available for meeting the enthusiasm of such students and faculty. Men and women vie with each other to participate in games like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table-tennis, ball-badminton, badminton, chess, throwball, etc., and in various athletic events.

Devendrar College of Physiotherapy

Transport Facilities

A full-fledged Transport department functions in the college with buses to provide transport facilities to students and staff from various places. This service is offered to ensure hassle-free & safe transportation.

The college runs buses for providing transport facilities to students from various places in the city. The number of buses will be increased corresponding to the increase in the intake of students.

Devendrar College of Physiotherapy

Clinical Facilities

Clinical exposure is an integral part of Physiotherapy education. To facilitate this aspect we two out-patient departments functioning in the college premises. The adult Neurology department takes care of neurology compromised adult patients. We deal with a variety of patient populations including stroke, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson, Facial Paralysis, Motor Neuron Disease, Muscular Dystrophies, and Nerve Injuries. We are equipped with Therapeutic LASER, Phyaction Guidance-E, and various other exercises and electrotherapy equipment.

Our Infrastructure

Devendrar College of Physiotherapy


Classrooms should provide the perfect ambiance to teach and learn. Our classrooms attempt to provide a safe space where learning can take place uninterrupted by other distractions.

They are spacious enough to accommodate students and are well equipped with the latest Audio Visual Aids facilitating the teaching and learning process alongside conventional blackboard teaching.


Our college library is well equipped with books of the latest edition and journal with a good impact factor. Students and staff use this to imbibe knowledge, prepare various projects and demonstrations. Students and staff can issue materials such as books and magazines as per the library rules. Other than this, the library can be used for referring journals and CD-ROM on various projects and research works.

The total collection of the central library is more than 10000 volumes. Library subscribes to most of the national and international journals required for the undergraduate and postgraduate students and faculty. In addition to the central library facility, the college has been provided with internet facility. The students and the faculty have open access to this facility.

Devendrar College of Physiotherapy

Devendrar College of Physiotherapy


Our institution has a fully functional Anatomy lab with sufficient cadavers to enhance our student’s practical knowledge of basic medical sciences. The lab also has various specimens required for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The physiology lab has all the instruments needed to understand the functions of various systems of the body. Blood grouping and identifying different tissue cultures under the microscope are some of the additional facilities provided for enhancing our student’s knowledge.

Our Electrophysiology lab has diagnostic Electromyography(EMG) and Biofeedback types of equipment. Neurophysiological diagnoses using these types of equipment are done by specialists working in the lab. It is also used therapeutically to train patients with various muscular and neurological disorders.

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